Youth Center Menu


Below are the Items Available (with Prices) from our Saturday Evening Menu
Not All Items are Always Available – Supplies are Limited

All Profits from these Items go to Keep Us Up and Running and to Purchase New Items for the Youth Center Program.
We Thank You In Advance for Your Support.

    Rio Vista Youth Services Snack Bar Prices
Canned Soda $1.00 Bottled Water $1.00
Hot Apple Cider $1.00 Hot Chocolate $1.00
PowerAid $1.00 Pouch Drink $0.50
Milkshake $2.00
Hot Pocket $2.00 Ice Cream Sundae $1.00
Cup of Noodles $1.00 Popcorn $1.00
Tator Tots $1.50 Otter Pops $0.50
Corn Dog $1.50 Fruit by the foot $0.50